What We Do

Redshift Strategy provides strategic and valuation advice, analysis and insight into rapid technological changes in the media and telecommunications industries


Redshift provides strategic advice at the leading edge of the technical and commercial developments in the connected digital world. With deep sector knowledge and experience, we work with leading stakeholders across the telecoms, internet, media and digitised sectors to help them achieve on-going growth through effective strategies in network infrastructure, content, data analytics and monetisation, customer engagement, investments and partnerships.

The Redshift team have been strategy advisors to senior executives in these sectors for over 20 years and have worked on hundreds of projects all over the world.

Examples of our projects

Redshift helped a UK TV platform understand how to maximise the value of the data collected through its set-top boxes. Through the creation of a comprehensive data strategy, Redshift set a baseline of current data availability and usage, and cross-referenced against likely future business needs to provide clear recommendations on how to create value from data, both internally and externally
Redshift supported a leading independent production company in creating a five-year strategy in which Redshift structured the client's product portfolio, identified growth opportunities and developed the financial plan. The production company was able to understand how to drive sustainable growth across their geopgraphic footprint and best position themselves within selected markets
Redshift helped a mobile network operator to understand the value of different spectrum bands to their business, allowing the operator to increase their competitive advantage. Redshift conducted valuations of the 800MHz and 2600MHz bands using multiple demand scenario forecasts to inform their recommended strategy
A US IoT service provider wanted to expand their global reach. Redshift developed and implemented the market entry strategy; identifying potential customers, leading introductory meetings and managing ongoing customer relationships in Asia and Europe
A leading international production company needed to expand their global footprint and streamline their operations. Redshift helped them to develop their expansion strategy and drive studio profitability across the Middle East and Europe


In an increasingly software driven world, customer engagement is becoming the key asset to drive business growth and value. Understanding how customers engage with your service across multiple platforms is increasingly a pre-requisite for creating value.

Redshift provides advice to companies on how to use their data to better understand their customers and drive future value, as well as opportunities to develop strategies built on personal data which deliver growth whilst protecting customer privacy.

Examples of our projects

Redshift enabled a global mobile organisation to understand how value will migrate within the digital ecosystem over the next 10 years. Using scenario planning and financial forecasting, Redshift’s work was presented to the client’s Board to secure a mandate to develop a new growth strategy
An international network provider wanted to improve network service and broadband access in rural areas due to poor connection speeds causing problems for local communities and businesses. Redshift therefore produced a business plan for the client to expand their network against the incumbent
With Netflix accounting for an increasing amount of primetime network traffic, players with online content are concerned about the costs of delivery. Redshift was asked to conduct a product and portfolio review and forecast for content delivery management services
A major satellite player required ten-year forecasts of the demand for hi-definition TV and space segment requirements. Redshift was able to help the client by conducting an in-depth analysis of these segments


Redshift provides valuations, M & A advisory and due diligence services across the telecoms, internet, media and digitised sectors. We pride ourselves in our deep sector expertise and wide contact network to ensure that we best serve our clients to capitalise on new opportunities on both sides of investments.

Examples of our projects

Redshift helped a major distribution player assess the strategic rationale for an acquisition in live digital capture. Redshift identigfied the migration of value towards the combination of video and data in high quality programming
A group of internet investors are trying to disrupt and transform a traditional vertical and needed Redshift to support the development of a business plan and IM to secure seed investment from the VC community
An entertainment player with millions of followers wanted Redshift to prepare a business plan for the launch of a new set of tools and a platform that exploits traditional broadcasting with connected TV options
An investor needed a large team to support their due diligence of a major UK infrastructure provider, valuing all of the products and services across the terrestrial broadcast, mobile, satellite and other businesses